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My name is David Watts and I am a High Ticket coach.

I have struggled for many years to learn how to make sales and instead of continuing to follow the old way of affiliate marketing, I have decided to start sharing my knowledge

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I will show you how others made their first ever sale. And it’s not just a $7 or $19 sale.

These are $1000 commissions that makes people leave their 9-5(7-6) jobs and live a live free of financial worries.

You will not pay one cent for traffic. Everything is organic and free.

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This is what you will get.

  1. Five steps on how to optimize your Facebook profile.
  2. How to flip someone pitching you into a customer.
  3. How to use facebook messenger to make sales.
  4. Four steps on how to get engagement on your posts.
  5. A copywriting course that will teach you how to write without being too salesy.
  6. Join my private group and get more support
  7. Backend sales support for everyone you reffer. You do not need to convince your customers to join.


I will show you how to fast track your learning curve with one of the best Facebook organic marketers out there.

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